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Monday, November 27, 2023

McKinlay Mosiac Day ...

At first glance, if you've never been to the town of  McKinlay,  you might be forgiven for thinking there's not much to do...  besides stopping to see (and have a drink) at the very famous "Walkabout Creek Hotel" from the first Crocodile Dundee Movie ...  

but you'd be mistaken, because there's a little building called the Crafty Old Schoolhouse ... just around the corner

 where plenty of action takes place from time to time when the locals all get together for some art and craft.
I was very flattered to be asked again to take a mosaic class down there, so  I headed off early and had my favourite podcast playing for the drive.

Everyone got into it and had their projects worked out... (feeling grateful for the aircon... it was a VERY hot day outside - in the 40's...)

... the works in progress !!

... and so great to see them when they're grouted.  I think it's the grout that really brings a piece together.  Don't they look fabulous?!!

Number 1 Hopscotch stepping stone  ... 🏡

Soon to be a coffee table ... ⛾

... beautiful blue vase 🎕 ♥

Stepping stone for the garden 🐸


and 2 pretty special frames for upcoming birthday girls... 🎁🎁

Thank you ladies ...  Jack and I really enjoyed the day ♥

Friday, March 16, 2018

Pianola Re-Imagined

Recently Sue Tilley from the Drill Hall was given a box of beautiful old Pianola Rolls ...

Consequently she organized an exhibition which brought out the amazing talent of many North Queensland Artists ...

"Over 30 local artists and students have ‘reimagined’ antique Pianola Rolls, into contemporary artworks. In the early 1900s, pianolas were a popular form of entertainment in homes and at restaurants. Artists have used a variety of skills to ‘reimagine’ these nostalgic pieces for our current era."

Behold ... the Pianola Re-Imagined exhibition ... which will run until March 21.

If you're interested in any of the art below please message Sue at The Drill Hall Studio for more details. ♥

The Arrangement - Deborah Keats - SOLD

I wanna kiss from you - Gerald Sorworka  -  $280

Love Heals - Kaz Hauser - $65 

The Waltz - Shona Bauer

Moonlight and Roses - Ella Keough  - $80

Music gives wings to the mind - Anna Williams - $180

Tuneful Curlews - Sally Moroney

Laura Tilley - L'ombrelle - $190

Wildflower Lamp - Sue Tilley 

I told you I'd never forget you - Liz Richards - POA

Romeo and Juliette - Maggie Wretham - $150

Ragamuffin Romeo - Trixie Tuck - $235

Lady in Green - Penny Glew - NFS

Rhapsody of the Forest - Cath Meharry - $700

The Nine Metre Ballad - Suzannah Babicci $40 each

Me and the Moonlight - Elsie Willoughby -  $45

Untitled - Agnes Hannan

Rollin in the deep - Brenda Stone - $220

Top - The moon and stars all come out and say night time has begun - Lizzie Christie
Middle - After the setting sun
Bottom - After the toils of a dreary day
$120 set or $40 each

Veterans old of blue and gold - Lizzie Christie - $30
Dancing on a roll - Lizzie Christie - $25

I like pink - Alice Christie - NFS

Sing the colour blue - Bryony Barnett - NFS

Bridgitte's Rhythm - Ann Burke - offers please

Urban Symphony or Sympathy...  - Marie Louise Jones 

Lamp - Mississipi and MrSissippi - Fiona Banner - $75

May I have this Dance - Jessica Bauer - $90

The Waltz of Regret - Imogen Perry - NFS

With Love ... beautiful - Rayleen Smith

Wildflower Foxtrot - Sue Tilley - $150

Art Doll - Paula Martin - $365

Jane Hawkins 

A Memory - Sylvia Hewitt - NFS

Music and Lace - Sonia Ward - $ 90

Mona Lisa - Jenny Siganto - NFS

Bright Polka - Sue Bright - $ 135

Untitled - Isabelle Shatte - NFS

The Internal Melody - Tayla Hickey - $ 150

Untitled - Barbara Griesau - POA

Exhibition runs until March 21 at The Drill Hall Studio in Townsville

please contact Sue Tilley for any more information ♥ 

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