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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Spirit ...

... are you in the Christmas spirit yet ???


got your decorations up ?

food prepared ???

or still tearing your hair out trying to work out what Miss 5 or Master 19 wants for Christmas ???

 not to mention the screaming crowds at the shopping malls.

Suddenly Christmas shopping has become the new 'bloodsport'.

~ try and take some time out to relax this season

 - turn off your mobile and find a peaceful place to relax with the family

 - enjoy your children,


 and family this Christmas Season ~

ps. make sure you get yourself something perfect just in case 'he' forgets what you like the most ... (because men do tend to forget ...)

... and most of all have a lovely Christmas ... wherever you are

~  Seasons Greetings ~

1 comment:

Kristie Franklin said...


Well, I think you have covered everything that the maze of Christmas represents! Ha The crowds, the screaming children, the gifts that will more than likely have to be returned and the tired aching feet! ha

I WISH I had everything ready...far from it! Ha
I took your advise and found some great fabric on Etsy after shopping the shops for 2 hours! Ha

Pat that Milo on the head for me!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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