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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Featured this week in the fabulous Wandarrah Team on Etsy

~  it was an exciting start to my week - my Etsy store was one of the stores chosen to be featured in the 'Spotlight Treasuries' within the Wandarrah Team on Etsy, so I had an amazing amount of beautiful treasuries made in my honour.  Here's just two of them ... thank you wonderful Wandarrah members xxx

~ proud to be with all these lovely talented people on Etsy ~

1 comment:

Kristie Franklin said...

Congratulations on being featured in the treasuries. There were some really wonderful things in them!

How are you doing? It is finally starting to get cooler at night here now. Last night it was 62 degrees and it looks like most nights will be in the low 60's F now. Hopefully, it will get a bit colder during the day too. I do like a change in weather patterns even if it isn't much! LOL

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