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Monday, April 7, 2014

mosaic teapot and more

... today i finally finished my mosaic teapot !  I'm so pleased with how it turned out ... and a few of my other finished goodies - ready and listed in my Etsy store.

handmade tags

slim clutch

~  happy Monday ~


Linda said...

Deborah, the mosaic teapot looks absolutely gorgeous! Wow, you have been busy.... the tags and fabric clutch look fabulous too!

Kristie Franklin said...

Hi Deborah,

What a great looking teapot! You did a wonderful job and the tags and clutches are a given! All so pretty!

Hope you are well. It is spring here...well it always seems like spring here. LOL but we did have some really chilly temps here this winter which they tell me is unusual. I've been planting flowers and cleaning up things. Friends are coming to visit later in the month so my plate is full right now. LOL

I'm trying to research recipes and come up with some different dishes to prepare as well as desserts (that goes without saying).

Hope you are well and enjoying fall? Is it fall there now?

dkshopgirl said...

Thanks Linda - it was so nice to do something different !

Kris it's Autumn here :-) Much cooler than our Summer thank goodness! I've been doing heaps of garden work too since I've been on school hols ... yay 1 and a bit more weeks ... busy busy !


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