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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Instagram here I come ...

It's been a LONG time coming ... but I'm getting there ...

Our daughter has been on Instagram (like most of the planet), but I've been putting it off ... too much to deal with blogs ... school ... making my creations ... photographing them ... listing on Etsy ...  listing on Zibbet .... arrrgh ... so much techno stuff !!!

But today, I got brave and with a LOT of  help from our 13 yr old, now have installed Instagram !!!

Be patient with me ... I'll probably post too much stuff to start with, but anyway, my even BIGGER achievement is that tonight I've finally (through searches, trial and error) have found out how to make sure Instagram is connected to my 'dkshopgirl' page on facebook instead of my personal page !!! wahooo !!

maybe there's hope for me after all ????  in this world of ever changing technology ...

Feel free to send me any tips you think I should know about !!!

dkshopgirl on instagram ... finally 

~  night all !!

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