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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

oprah winfrey - my inspiration...

I know... I know ... I've said this before ... I don't get to watch much TV here.  Now that's certainly not the end of the world, but it sure is nice when I do get to see something 'guilt free'!!!  I do manage to see 60 minutes every Sunday and a bit of news but that's about my limit these days.

the Lovely Oprah Winfrey ...

Back when I was having our children, I had 5 days each time in a private hospital AFTER the event, so inbetween breastfeeding and getting to know our next little darling, I had my own room, bed, prepared meal and best of all my own TV!  Wow!!  Those were the days...

... i REMEMBER this one!!! I found out how to fold a fitted sheet!!!

So, while I was in hospital I made a point of watching the Oprah show every day.  I love that woman's  enthusiasm, positive energy and the sheer inspiration she exudes.  I think it's her honest, genuine, down to earth attitude that makes her so appealing to people all over the world, not to mention the sheer hard work she's done to get her where she is - not luck.    I'm so in awe of anyone who can talk about their lives in front of so many people and her's has been an extremely difficult one, but she's conquered so many things and is a truly wonderful role model.    Her generosity and kindness is something I've never seen before in a public celebrity - she seems to relish in the role of  helping people and that kind of spirit is wonderfully infectious.

 I'm ashamed to say I haven't seen her shows for ages and am guessing she may have even retired from it all by now???  I'm so out of the loop...  My favourite shows??? hmmm.... wow - so many - definitely any Martha Stewart guest appearances, interior decorators and definitely the interviews with people who'd become successful in their own right. 

Thanks for all your fab shows Oprah and wonderful positive quotes - I read them often.

2 gorgeous gals...

Do you have any favourite Oprah moments??? 

~  inspirational women ~


Kris said...

I don't have a special Oprah show but I have read most of her books on her Book Club list (which I hear she is bringing back to her OWN network. She no longer is on TV she "retired" but has her own network called OWN. It's been a struggle for her to get it up and running. Cable networks carry her new show but you usually have to purchase their upgraded package to view it.

mel said...

I LOVE Oprah too! Which can be embarrassing to admit cos I know alot of people aren't a fan. I don't know why they aren't. I remember when I was at Uni and often home at lunchtime and her show would come on and I would cry and cry with all the stories. Ive always wanted to be in the audience for one of her shows, especially that christmas show or her favourite things. How much fun would that be?? I just read her latest magazine yesterday in the library too :-)

Mariette VandenMunckhof-Vedder said...

Dearest DK,

Found you on the Reportiste's blog and am following you now.
About the comment you gave on June 7, on the Plight of the Poor. You are so right about the socialist government in Australia that tends to give more and more to people who are not working or producing and therefore taxing the ones that do work.
Both of us have worked in Australia as consultants and we know the system. Also because I do have an uncle and aunt and three working cousins down under.
As for Oprah, she was just a cunning emotion-centered talk show host (she started at the age of 19...) and became a billionaire that way. I've never worshiped her though.
It is far better to base your opinion on facts instead of emotions. Again, that is the same thing as giving more and more to those that are not working or producing... emotional black-mail in a way.
Wishing you well down under and sending you best regards from Georgia/USA

dkshopgirl said...

So nice to hear your opinions. We live in a world where we can't change so many things and I've used a lot of energy in the past getting upset about things to no avail. Voting is the only way to make sure we have our say - there are so many inequities in the world.

As for Oprah - I guess I just feel good about watching someone who gets to interview lots of great people and share ideas and stories. Good luck to her I say - living in the public eye would not be easy - she can have that all to herself.

x me.

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