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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Family Rules ... on Pinterest

... if you don't 'do' Pinterest, well I HAVE to tell you that firstly you are missing out on lots of fun but you would most certainly be saving yourself a TONNE of time!  I pin a LOT - whenever I can and find it relaxing and fun!  {but yes - it's quite the time waster !!}

Found this tonight and LOVE it - just HAD to share ... xx

~  see you soon ~


Kristie Franklin said...

I just started Pinterest but haven't pinned much. Between Instagram, Facebook, new app called Waterlogue and my Blog I can barely keep up.

How are you and the kiddos doing? We are just getting ready to head into Spring here. The grass is starting to turn green and I've been digging in the yard getting ready to plant some perennials.

I hope you are doing okay. :`)

Linda said...

No convincing needed here... I am totally addicted to Pinterest and pin just about every day. I have 147 boards which is far too many but as Pinterest won't let you alphabetise or do sub-headings within a board, I have to keep making a new board... ie Craft, Paper Craft, Fabric Craft, etc, etc. Still, Pinterest is a glorious feast for the eyes!

dkshopgirl said...

HI Kris!
I know - there is sooo much on all the time - and I wish I could spend all day on here but work seems to get in the way! Pretty hot and muggy here - had some wonderful rain yesterday and hoping for more! Rain = grass = happy cows!

Would love to see pics of your garden somtime! Have fun in Florida - luck you!!!

dkshopgirl said...

I agree Linda - I definitely pin too much, but I love it and it's a nice way to relax after a huge day! So many fantastic ideas out there !!! Thanks for popping in today :-)

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