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Friday, February 14, 2014

Sweet Valentine

~  it's here ... V Day ... how did you go ?  Roses ... chocolates ... or nothing ?

Does it really matter if you don't get something on Valentines Day?

When I was younger it most certainly did ... especially if everyone else in the office was receiving bouquets, so I can sympathize with all those girls hoping for flowers!!!  {been there girls and had plenty of years of the big ZERO}

Now that I'm married, I know it's not the end of the world if I don't 'clean up'  - but isn't it awful the way society has commercialized the day so much that people do get really upset if they don't get anything OR on the flip-side go and spend a fortune 'proving' their love to someone that they could really do any other day of the year ??? ...   

It's an interesting marketing ploy.  So if you did receive today - lovely and enjoy it ... if you didn't - don't stress ...  If you have your health you have everything and hey - you can always get flowers {or something pretty} on Pinterest!

Here's some of my faves ...

... OMG - even one for the meat lovers !!!

berry nice ...

... ps... amazingly ... my hubby remembered this year and even though they are actually 'weeds' from the bore drain - they were a lovely surprise.

~  enjoy the day whatever happens  ~
 images via here


Linda said...

Gorgeous selection of pics! I know what you mean about Valentine's Day....it can certainly get out of hand. My husband and I always give each other a card and a teeny, tiny little gift. I have been hand-crafting cards now for him for many years and it is fun thinking up new and different designs. Love your flowers from your hubby...adorable.

Shell Sherree said...

Anything given genuinely from the heart is beautiful, isn't it! Those simple and sweet gestures like your hubby's are the most touching of all. Looks like you had a beautiful day, dk.

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