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Sunday, March 2, 2014

mirror mirror ... bragging night

... tonight I'm doing a bit of bragging ... my day started with discovering that our computer monitor {for our main computer the office} was not working !!!!! nooooooo ... my whole LIFE is on here !!!  I tested it different ways during the day then gave up and went and grouted some things. 

Later on I decided to give it another go and found that there was a problem with a power source so 'et voila' our monitor is working !!!! yay !!!  I really should be getting paid more {note to self ... tell husband to pay more .. hmmm}  since I AM 'tech support' out here on out cattle property and can't STAND it when things go wrong with the computer, so am feeling quite proud of myself at this moment ...

{French Vintage} Mirror Mirror leaning on the wall ... who is the smartest mummy of all ???

... and here's the results of my hard labour this afternoon ... enjoy .... {listing soon in my Etsy Store}

mosaic trivet


Linda said...

That's great news that you were able to fix the computer monitor problem - I know how frustrated I get when something like that happens here...drives me nuts!! I love your trivet, you have used some really sweet pieces of china.

dkshopgirl said...

Yes ... frustrated is a GOOD word ... and a nicer one than I usually think when the computer plays up here!! It was great to get those pieces grouted and finished ... can't wait to do more - I've got some cool 'leaf tiles' so looking forward to that project.


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