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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

say HELLO to February ...

So, how's your new year going?  I've managed to pull myself together now that our oldest is away at boarding school ... possibly the most difficult thing I have had to do (besides homeschooling) ...  She's settling in really well and I've been more upset than she has, but I'm getting better every day!

We've still got 3 littlies here doing homeschooling, so life's never dull and I'm so grateful for our lovely governess who's teaching this year.  I've decided to cut back a bit and am only doing 2 hrs a day in the hope that I can get my office work done and possibly more art on the side!

Here's some of what I've been up to as well as some pretty things I've been finding on Pinterest...  enjoy!

mosaic magnets 

~  be inspired ~

images via Pinterest 


Jacqueline said...

Oh Deborah, I have just read this about your eldest being away at boarding school!...how hard this must be for you, I cannot imagine, is it very far away?......xxx

dkshopgirl said...

Thanks Jacqueline ... yes, she's about 900km away :-( Saying goodbye was the worst, but it's a fabulous school with caring staff and they're keeping her REALLY busy with school as well as other activities. She's got some nice friends and has just joined the choir and netball, so she's doing really well. It's strange at home without her though ... xx

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