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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

~ A happy day ... ~

Time to break out the fireworks!!!

Today I sent a box of bookmarks, muslin pouches and a mixture of heart and rectangular sachets to Chantilly Cream - an utterly gorgeous gift shop in Mt Isa, North West Queensland.

The lovely Jen agreed to trial some of my pieces, so fingers crossed there will be more boxes to send to her in the future...   Yay!!!

 ~ flowers for the occasion  ~


Sesenarts said...

How exciting! Here's to her making huge sales and wanting boxed and boxes of your goodies!

dkshopgirl said...

yes! fingers crossed ... :-)

Hearthandmade said...

excellent!! I love that photograph ^_^ good luck!



dkshopgirl said...

Thanks Claire - so exciting! The piccie came from Pinterest :-) The have the best photos on there...

have a great weekend ..


Amaria said...

We're planning a big caravan trip soon. I've just added Chantilly Cream to my list of places to visit:)

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