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Sunday, November 18, 2012

have you started yet ??? ...christmas shopping

~ here's a few ideas ~
          ... so, what about ...

fabulous holly fabric ?? ... love it !!

handmade decorations ??

vintage tea tin perhaps ???

really loving this bracelet !

fine art photography ?

awesome colour !  slouchy beanie perhaps ??? ...

cool tattoo socks ... {I have my eyes on these ...}

 or a hand made pendant ???
... or lastly ... what about a vintage children's book ??

happy shopping!


VintageBella said...

Very lovely post! Thank you for posting about my fabric! Kind regards, Heather from Vintage B ella www.vintagebella.etsy.com

Kristie Franklin said...

I haven't even began to start Christmas shopping. I've been making decoupaged Christmas balls with various scrapbook paper and I've picked up a few little things to decorate with but that's about it!! I used to always have things pretty much finished by the second week of December but I'm not faring very well this year. Ha :)

Pretty gift ideas!

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