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Saturday, April 26, 2014

things from the studio

I've been on a bit of a roll making a few more bits and pieces in the studio.  Pretty soon I'll be taking a lot of things out of the store to put in an art gallery, but will continue creating for Etsy !

Here's a bit of what I've made lately ..


mosaic trivet

slimline clutch

wooden decorative words

mosaic shovel

mosaic Royal Albert Pendants

Various mosaic signs

Decorative Collaged envelope

coin purse

and another clutch

~  love to make  ~

Friday, April 25, 2014

Greenpoint New York - A new bakery I would LOVE to visit

Just cruising around on Pinterest tonight and found this image ... then followed it to the website of Design Sponge.

Wow!  That is MY kind of bakery ... 

Check out the post HERE ... and hey ... lucky all you Greenpoint locals !!!

...just adding this to my bucket list.  Have a good weekend.

~  gorgeous ~

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

coffee cup post

ok ... so i took some pictures tonight and am sharing my coffee cups {and what memories I have from them}!  strange post i know ... but i love all my coffee cups and they remind me of fabulous times in my life and places I've been ...

Purchased from the Twin Towers NYC in June 2000 - amazing experience ... perfectly typical coffee cup to buy from New York and so glad I got it

How cute ! ... "Seasonings Greetings" !!  Came from a novelty store in  Townsville ... LOVE Gary Larsen comics ...

This one came from the Original Starbucks in Seattle !

hmmm... don't remember where I got this one but I use it every night !

Christopher Vine postcard coffee cups ... also use these daily !!!  You KNOW I'm a freak for anything French ... with text and postcards !!!

yep - from Harrods in London ... perfect for drinking tea or coffee out of !

a hangover from my days of being obsessed with James Dean ... can't throw it out ... must have purchased from a novelty shop somewhere ...

from a store in Cape Cod back in the '90's !!!  wonderful holiday ... magical place ...

Grabbed this one from a gift shop in London ... amazing underground system ... Mind the Gap ...

purchased this set in Brisbane - love the Provincial look and have plates to match !

ooh ... Gustav Klimt coffee cup ... The Virgin - I'm sure I got this at the Museum of Modern Art in Sydney YEARS ago ...

... Greengate Latte cup !!! just because I love Greengate ... I'm sure I got this from Marie at Ruby Rose Interiors !!

ooh ... fun trip to Hayman Island quite a few years ago ...

Venice Beach - Los Angeles !!!  Fantastic trip to the USA ...

Found this one at the markets at St Kilda in Melbourne ...

Gorgeous colours ... Helen Wiltshire Gallery - Mission Beach

... and again ... Helen Wiltshire Gallery - Mission Beach

Maybe this was the very first one I bought ???  There used to be an 'Artist's Colony' on Dunk Island (north Queensland) and this was made by 'Peter the Potter' ... aka Peter Laycock ...  I remember thinking I could live that lifestyle ... at the tender age of 12 ...

so that's it ... a fun trip down memory lane for me!  How big is YOUR collection ????

~  enjoy your next coffee ~

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