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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Saturday, January 26, 2013

pins ... pendants and pretty things ...

i've been working on a few more pendants ... and thought i'd mix this post up with a few of my fave pins as well...

custom made vintage book display piece

custom made vintage book display piece

~ i just LOVE these tins ... ~

Friday, January 25, 2013

... what's in a name ... or what's in YOUR name ?

.. the weirdest things pop into my head when i'm vacuuming ...  for some reason my middle name did today and i had an 'ephiphany'!

my mother always curses calling me Deborah because it means 'bee' or busy and I do seem to never stop doing things... but then today it all came to me (when I was vacuuming) why they used Frances for my middle name ... because I love all things from FRANCE !!! ahhhh...  well, that's my story and I'm sticking to it...

... what's in your name ???  do tell...

Deborah ...(bee)

Frances !

~  happy friday ~

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

translating a page with google chrome

... so my latest mission is finding a set of stamps called Cavallini Bonjour ...  I'm having the devil's own job finding a set... it would appear they have been 'retired' and no-one on the planet is willing to sell me a set ...

my dear friend Mary from Homestead Treasures has been a gem trying to help me find some and today she found this set for me...  now scroll down some more .....






Cavallini社 Bonjour スタンプ缶

商品サブ画像1 商品サブ画像2
価格 3,900 円 (税込)
在庫数 0


Cavallini社の「Paris」スタンプ 缶セット




サイズ 缶自体 縦約 12cm
横 約21cm       
重さ 約375g



レターパック500 またはゆうパック発送となります。







ご購入頂く商品が複数または複数種類の場合、 レターパックでは発送できない場合が御座います。

ご注文前に送料の確認をされたい場合は、 遠慮なくお問い合わせよりご連絡下さい。


so that was really nice ... BUT i can't speak Japanese ... dilemma time ...
.. .. so ... I got on the internet and low and behold Google Chrome can translate web pages!  wahoo!!!  so now I see this !!!

Today's monologue

Image manager
Took a summer vacation was going to light,eventually did not do anything ... fall and winter is my favorite season!Became healthy!

Bonjour can stamp company Cavallini

Stock image
Product Image
Item 1 sub-imagesProduct image 2 sub
Price3,900 yen (tax included)
Stock quantity0


Can set "Paris" Cavallini's stamp is a set of cute antique stamp! Click here for Bonjour French word used in greeting stamp is a lot! It came to be seen in Japan stamp, stamp of French ... still less  money is set to stamp a nice uniform! Since my last set of, as soon as possible! 

SizeCan itself vertically about 12cm 
about 21cm horizontal       
WeightAbout 375g

* In our shop we do not receive gift wrapping. 
 Thank you for your understanding as you can.

delivery method possible in the case of one single item purchase 
500 Pack Letter 
Letter Pack 350 In the case of the enclosed items, discussions, and other,will be shipped Yu-Pack or 500 Pack Letter.


No items in your shopping basket.
View cart

* Shipping 

delivery method Yu-Pack,Pack 350,500 letter Boon foil and let me only. In addition, medal incense, paper, scribble notes only are compatible Kuroneko Mail. If more than one or a plurality of types of, there is a case that can not be sent by letter to purchase a product pack. If you want to confirm the postage before ordering, please contact us do not hesitate to contact us.

Reading RSS

WOW ...

so ... I tried buying and still a problem ...   I got a nice letter back from Mr Zaccaya (in broken but understandable English) and unfortunately for me ... it turns out that they are sold out of this product... bummer...  but will keep looking and HEY ... if anyone knows where I CAN get one... LET ME KNOW!

now... here's the instructions for changing your settings in Google Chrome in case you ever want to use this fabbie feature...

Translate a page to your language

Parlez-vous français ? Google Chrome's built-in translation bar helps you read more of the web, regardless of the language of the webpage.
Look for the translation bar at the top of the page whenever you come across a page written in a language that isn't one of your preferred webpage languages. To translate the page, click Translate. To dismiss the translation bar without translating the page, click Nope.

Enable or disable the translation bar

  1. Click the Chrome menu Chrome menu on the browser toolbar.
  2. Select Settings.
  3. Click Show advanced settings.
  4. In the "Languages" section, use the "Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language I read" checkbox to adjust this feature.

have fun!!!

~  amazing internet ~

Monday, January 21, 2013

feel good day ...

i heard on the radio today, that it was supposed to be Blue Monday - {supposedly the worst day of the year, according to some research/test that has been done}  that is so stupid ... why do they keep targeting Monday as a bad day and WHEN? will people realise that every single day counts (no matter where it is in the week)!

... just 2 things ...

1.  don't listen to the media too much - they usually get it wrong and report more BAD stuff than good which I find completely annoying.

2.  make the most of every day

... and a few quotes to reinforce it all x


all photo's via Pinterest
~ live every day ~

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