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Saturday, November 5, 2016

McKinlay Mosaic Workshop 2016 ~ Held at The Crafty Old School House

Last weekend I returned to the North Queensland town of  McKinlay to teach another Mosaic workshop for an enthusiastic, talented bunch of ladies (as well as  Zoe, Tom and Dean  who I hope also enjoyed the day.. )

This time I took the LONG way with a beautful bitumen road  ...

... past Kynuna ...

... until Lilly and I arrived at our destination/accommodation - World Famous Crocodile Dundee Pub !!  that's right ... here in McKinlay !! 

It had been 4 years since my very first workshop there !!  ... click here to see the first workshop

Everyone arrived with their ideas and bases to work from so we started by going through the basics of cutting, trimming and then everyone progressed to gluing, arranging and catching up with each other.   Fabulous way to spend a Saturday ...

Behold  ~  the Crafty Old Schoolhouse ... {and note in foreground ... Steel tree from previous workshop with Sue Tilley}

... always a pleasure to come and visit these lovely ladies ...

kids working on their pavers 

artists at work 

coffee and catch up time ...

Lilly wasn't going to miss this class ... she's intent on doing the pot on her own

... loved that everyone made something different

almost ready to grout !

how can anyone not love mosaics ??

Time to grout ... things get messy but everyone's pieces are starting to take shape!!  (photo credit:  Claire)  

Welcome horseshoe ♥


bottom for a lamp shade ♥



♥ paver ♥ 

cool house number !!

abstract platter

black grout made this awesome !  looks like opal to me ♥

paperweight - side 1

paperweight - side 2

Lilly's pot ♥
Claire's piece ♥

shovel ♥  {Bienvenue - French for Welcome}

this one was done on a windmill sail and will be buried in the garden ♥

... tough growing conditions down at McKinlay, but the Desert Roses don't seem to mind ... 

Main Street of McKinlay - see you next time !!  thanks Ladies xx

~  lovely Saturday ~

for details about workshops contact  - deborah@rgkeats.com

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