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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Happily ever after...

I'm not really a huge follower of the Royal Family, but I've got to admit I've been really looking forward to the wedding of the gorgeous Kate Middleton to Prince William.

There seems to be so much bad, bad, bad news in the world all the time.  The media constantly feed us with everything that's going wrong and finally there's something lovely taking place.

I know it's so far removed from most of our lives, but to watch all the splendour of the occasion and see the happy couple in their fairytale carriage was just wonderful ~ good luck to them both.

They provided the inspiration for my pics tonight ...

The Happy Couple

Love and Knowledge - SaraMoldovan

Princess Crown Tiara Cookies - lorisplace

Stamp Rug - Isabel Balardie Interiors

Pink Gold and Glam Chair -  dressdesigndecor

Scottish Thislte Kilt Pin -  CelticBelle

Penny Preville Natasha Ring ... - Neiman Marcus

Tea Time - Fine art photograph - stephmel

Tin Heart Love Letter Tag - BailiwickDesigns

The Getaway Car.   ...  something blue  ...

~ find something beautiful every day ~

Friday, April 22, 2011

Easter Celebrations

Had any chocolate yet???        Well I hope not because it's not time yet  ... must wait until Sunday...

I will admit to treating myself to the odd hot cross bun and don't even feel guilty... that's probably coming later.

Anyway, I'm enjoying the last couple of days until our home schooling starts again on Wednesday and trying to squeeze in some creative things between here and there.  

My studio has become messy again, so that means I'm creating - which is a good thing.

Here's a few fun things I found on Etsy for Easter Celebrations...

Pink floppy baby bunny slippers - puddintoes

Recycled rabbit and carrot crayons - RedElmDesigns

Easter cupcakes with chick - original painting -  Artbyrodriguez

Vintage Pink Rosary - madmadcrafter

Acrylic Easter Stamps - threedogsnappin

15pc Spring truffle sampler - calabasascandyco

Chabby chic Easter Rosette Scarf - TrueRebelClothing

Vintage Virgin Mary on purple and turquoise cross - TheVirginRose

A bouquet of lillies - fine art photograph card - JudyStalus

~ Enjoy the rest of your Easter Break ~

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

How to make a Hanging Notepad

Wow - I just found this little article on the Etsy blog and thought I'd share it with you. 

Just click on the link above the picture and away you go!

I've been wanting to make one of these for years and just never got there.

I have to admit it ...   I am a 'listoholic' ... It's the ONLY way I can get things done...

So now with guidance from the Etsy team we can all make something artistic to leave in the Studio, Office or Kitchen where most work is done...

Would  love to see yours if you do one too!!! Let me know!

                 How to make a Hanging Notepad

What a fantastic way to re-use timber and lovely scraps of paper we don't EVER want to throw out!!!

Enjoy  ...

Friday, April 15, 2011


Hi Everyone
Hope it's been a good week...

Lovely Clusters is a website that is full of the most beautiful pieces that are handmade or vintage.  Pieces can be searched by store, colour or category. 

It's just perfect for browsing and creating very long wish lists...

They've recently put out their Spring Catalogue, so if you haven't had a chance to see it - here are just some of the pages! 

Lovely Clusters Spring Catalogue





enjoy the rest of your weekend...

~  find something beautiful every day  ~

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Just a couple of weeks ago I heard about Pintrest through the Jambo Chameleon Blog.  (Thanks Sally!!)

Pintrest is a website with tonnes of gorgeous images .. you can like them, favourite them and then also comment on them.

After a LOT of wasted time, I eventually figured out how 're-pin' my favourites onto my own personal boards.  A bit of a time waster (to say the least) but fun.

Found a few funny ones tonight as well thought you might like to see..

... and of course I have to add some beautiful images too!

.... see you next time    O_O

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Dreamy Sunday Afternoon

I have long been a fan of the Etsy store honeytree

What better way to spend Sunday arvo than looking at some of her beautiful images...





Lovely images to enjoy anytime ...
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