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Friday, April 1, 2011

Creative Studio Space

Having a workspace for creativity is such a wonderful thing.

I remember all those years ago when we first converted the double garage at the end of the house  -  I was hoping to get the whole lot for my studio...

I received a firm 'no'.  The reason for this was that the bigger my space, the more messy it would get.

I also remember doing a lot of 'eye rolling' and thinking - "what does he know about how much space I need?"   Well, it looks like I will have to admit defeat on that topic ... he was right. 

I'm ashamed to say that not much longer after tidying up my studio, I manage to get it looking unbelievably messy in a short space of time! 

My defence is ... I have numerous projects going at once - pots in one area, bags (of all sizes) in another, shabby chic hearts somewhere else and then there's my paper section with collage and drawing ideas overflowing out of boxes and drawers.  

Alas, it has finally it has come to the stage again where I'm having trouble moving in there, so will have to dedicate some time this weekend to do a bit of 'tidying up'.    

Hmmm.. might even find that music paper I've stored in a 'safe place' to do some more drawings on ...  now, where was that again?  I've got to think...

~ Enjoy your weekend ~

Half finished drawings, pots and bits and pieces on the floor

The work desk - where there's not much room left to move!

The view through my Ken Done 'vintage' curtains that mum made me back in the '80's

New project - 3 more on the floor ...

My favourite Klimt coffee cup ...

Flowers courtesy of Lilly from our garden - to help 'mum' have a nice day in the studio

The fantastic concrete tubs to wash out the mess!

~ Find something beautiful every day ~
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