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Sunday, December 28, 2014

Gone Girl

Christmas is over ... the day buzzed past like a crazy whirlwind {as it always does}.  The kids loved every minute of it - ripping open presents and spending a few days with my sister and her family.  Cousins rock!  I was too slack to do a Christmas blog ... but I got some fabulous gifts ... one being the book Gone Girl by . Gillian Flynn I'm loving it!!  Can't put it down ... shall be back blogging when I finish it ... see you soon !

~  great to be reading again ~

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

new things coming out of the studio

... so finally I've finished Christmas baking ... and got a few things finished in my studio to put into Etsy !

new notecard sets ...

detash items 

library card 'cards' 

handmade cards 

covered buttons

fabric embellishments

~  art = happiness ~

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Christmas baking - 2014

It feels like forever since I have even been IN my studio !!!

Christmas seems to be taking up a LOT of my time lately.  The kids have been dying to do some Christmas Baking so they can give their cousins some home made gifts - which is very nice, but did I ever mention I'm not really Nigella Lawson ???

Panic not ... enter Google, my old Donna Hay magazines and lots of sugar based ingredients ...

Here's the results so far ...

Two days ago we made Chocolate balls ... {which are basically rum balls without the rum...}

Yesterday we made coconut ice ... yes, I even got it layered like this !!! Truly amazing ...

and today it was Gingerbread men ...  but our icing looks a 'tad' different ...  although they still taste great!

What will tomorrow bring ????  Buckeyes maybe ???  We had a girl from Indiana working for us as a  nanny years ago and she made some for the kids before she left.  They were delicious and were a huge hit ... and since they are almost a 'non cook' item, I think we could probably include them in the line up ...

Have you been busy baking ?

~  home made is great ~
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