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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Magical Venice

... today I was thinking Venice ...

Pretty in Pink - honeytree

Characters of Carnevale - aroundin80frames

Lunch in Venice, Italy - BlueRidgePhotography

Venice Window - Rebeccaplotnick

Carousel II - the Abandoned Amusement Park - afiori
Venice Canal - AmityPhoto

The Quartet - Venice, Italy - soveryhappyart

Merchant of Venice - photopia

Gondolas in Venice - evaPhotos

~ find something beautiful every day ~

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Caroline Butcher - Cardmaker... Jewellery Designer ...

Tonight I'm happy to be finally blogging about my friend Caroline Butcher.  Yes, another busy mum living in the Queensland outback juggling homelife with schooling children and keeping sane with art on the side.

When I started talking to Caroline about getting a collection of mum's work together I found out she has a  super cute line of cards under the name "Butcher Bird" and proceeded to tell me that she does some 'beading'.  Now that sounded to me like threading beads on a piece of string  (I'm clueless about beading) ... but now I see her pieces are so much more than just 'beading'!   Truly lovely ~ you can see how much thought and care goes into making each piece special.

Caroline (and Karen Price) have both managed to do something that I still am hoping for ...  a store who will stock her products!!! Yay ( ...green eyed monster lurking ... just kidding)  That's such a great thing because where we live, going to the 'markets' is really not much of an option so it's either internet, word of mouth or ... the 'jackpot' of supplying a store!  I'm going to light a few sparklers and do a happy dance when that happens at my place...

In the meantime, if you're anywhere near "Mansworld"  in Mt Isa, North West Queensland, Australia ... pop in and check out the Caroline Butcher range...  Alternatively if you'd like to contact Caroline direct for a special custom order, just let me know! (or leave a lovely comment).

So grab a coffee and relax and enjoy the extraordinary talents of Caroline ...

"Butcher Bird Cards"


Blacksoil beads - collection at Mansworld

Blacksoil beads - various decorated bangles

Blacksoil Beads - Brown Button Necklace



Blue Yellow and Red necklace - at Mansworld
Blacksoil beads - orange, pink and teal fimo

Blacksoil Beads - pink, navy, fimo and silver necklace

Custom Order for Hannah

Rose and green necklace at Mansworld


Upcycled concho necklace - at Mansworld

Lollies necklace at Mansworld

Upcycled Mum's necklace

~ find something beautiful every day ~

Monday, May 23, 2011

~ Vanessa Restall - Bags and Racewear ~

Yet another of our talented mums at school is Vanessa Restall.  Vanessa lives a long way from most people ... Wernadinga Station, in far, far north West Queensland.  All in a day's work for Vanessa is the usual - looking after a family, house, garden, schoolroom and then finds time to make these lovely bags.  I've never done 'bag making' and not really interested  -  so much easier to just marvel at someone else's skills and admire their work...

Vanessa's makes everything from tote bags to very feminine pieces and fascinators that would be gorgeous with an outfit for the races.

Happy Browsing!  ( ... and I have Vanessa's contact details if anyone would like to see more!)












~ find something beautiful every day ~

Saturday, May 21, 2011

~ Karen Price - Jewellery Creations ~

I was lucky enough to exhibit my goodies the other day in Mt Isa at our school seminar and was in very good company.  We've found there are some mums who love to craft in their 'spare' time (of which there is little out here) and are very good at it.

As long as I've known Karen Price (of Mimong Station, Julia Creek), she has been making lovely jewellery.  Her pieces vary from being pretty bracelets to bold and statement pieces.  She sells her jewellery through various stores and her pieces are very popular at Western Race meetings as well as with the mums at school.

Enjoy browsing through her pieces and if you'd like to contact Karen, please let me know and I can pass on her details for you .

Rose bracelet

Pink and lime button necklace

Freshwater pearls with shilling and silver beads

Jelly Beads Necklace

Black and white button necklace

Keishi freshwater with shilling and heart

Lime foils with white pearls

Multi-coloured button necklace

Multi-coloured double strand freshwater

Triple strand freshwater - pink, yellow, lime and clear quartz

Karen's new creation

~  find something beautiful every day ~

~ Inspired By Green ~

My new treasury ...  click on the words below the picture of the ViNtAGe LaB BeAKeRs to take you there!

Fields of Green - New Treasury by dkshopgirl

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

fabulous finds

It feels like forever since I've done a post on favourite finds! 

Here's some lovely pieces to pop on your wish list - Happy Humpday :-)

Paris Bois Violette Shop - art illustration - shellsherree     

Huge Blue Floral Heat with Silver Heart Chain - marikaking


Vintage Rotary Dial Telephone in Dark Brown - NeverTooOld

Vintage Uncle Sam 3 Coin Register Bank - bluesandbranches

10 Vintage French Tart Tins - simplyfrenchvintage


11 x 14 Sunday Sundae - WhatICanSee

Summer Evening, 8 x 10 fine art print - AVeryStory


Sweet Eyelet Trim - can't wait for this to arrive!  - MrWalker

Oh My So Shabby Chic Vintage White Scroll Metal Frame - mysparrowsnest


~ find something beautiful every day ~
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