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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Mothers Day

Have spent the last few days packing, finishing office work and making 'to do' lists in readiness for our big trip to Mt Isa.

We're off to the annual Home Tutor Seminar organized by our school.  We're just one of the families living in the Australian outback who home school.  All our kids will get to spend 3 days with their friends (that they hardly ever see) and teachers doing school and fun activities.  The rest of us (mums, home tutors and governesses) spend our the days attending organized workshops which usually result in great ideas on how to 'educate your children' and hopefully squeeze in a bit of socialising too. 

After the sports day on Friday, we all start the long drive home tired, but so glad we did it (for the kids). 

... So ... before we go ... it's Mother's Day on Sunday and we don't really make a big deal of it, but I'm expecting/hoping our 4 fab children will draw me some masterpieces to hang on my office wall, or a bunch of flowers from our garden. 

.. and a few more lovely finds below to enjoy Mothers Day with a cuppa .... 

Lilac Blossom Still Life with Tea Rose China Teacup - lilydove

Belle Jardin Skirt - AllThingsPretty

Soldered Pendant with Vintage Chinese Stamp - Jaybird10

Large Vintage Garden Trug - ethanollie

Tiny Victorian Cottage - viaNew York Times Home and Garden 

... the perfect getaway  ... exquisite !!!
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