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Monday, May 23, 2011

~ Vanessa Restall - Bags and Racewear ~

Yet another of our talented mums at school is Vanessa Restall.  Vanessa lives a long way from most people ... Wernadinga Station, in far, far north West Queensland.  All in a day's work for Vanessa is the usual - looking after a family, house, garden, schoolroom and then finds time to make these lovely bags.  I've never done 'bag making' and not really interested  -  so much easier to just marvel at someone else's skills and admire their work...

Vanessa's makes everything from tote bags to very feminine pieces and fascinators that would be gorgeous with an outfit for the races.

Happy Browsing!  ( ... and I have Vanessa's contact details if anyone would like to see more!)












~ find something beautiful every day ~
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