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Sunday, July 28, 2013

pins of the week

~  looking for something beautiful to drool over or just make you feel better ??? well, stick around and enjoy the show ~  no particular order or reason ... just hopefully inspirational for you x


... all images via Pinterest

~  happy inspiration ~

Saturday, July 27, 2013

... when life gives you lemons ..

... make lemonade ! as the old saying goes ... 

~  so,  I've had a less than average week - should I :-

(a)   stay in bed all day (with the covers up so I can't hear the kids) ?

(b)   feel sorry for myself ? (actually tried this option)

(c)   get over it and tell myself that even when things seem to go wrong, there can be only something good around the corner ...

... well, it took me until today, but I decided my issues are pretty small compared to what others have to deal with in life, AND so,  since I'm trying to be adult about things,  I'm going with 'c'...

~  Hoping it makes someone reading this feel a bit better knowing that we all have sh!##y days and life's a lot nicer if we find our own way to deal with it ... 

inspiration follows ...

it'll cost nothing to dream & everything not to ...

thought this was super cute...

... yep ... but don't have too many ...

... HAS to be something French in here ...

... reminds me of beautiful Capri ...
... all images via Pinterest

~ happy weekend to you ~

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Treasury Post - Soiree Francaise ...

... it's ALWAYS a thrill to be featured in a treasury on Etsy ... my items have been honoured a few times this week and FINALLY after ALL this time, I've worked out how to cut and paste an image to put on my blog!

To celebrate,  here is the latest one which my French strip of Fabric was included in ...  thank you Lora from Bonnies Cinematheque for including me here ... so sophisticated !!!

Click here to see it in the flesh ...

and as my friend Fanny from Papeterie de Paris  would say ..

~     Bonne Nuit !  {good night}  ~

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Paris Forever ... again ...

... had a day bigger than Ben Hur ... am supposed to be doing paperwork (real work) but decided to pin and share! with you lovelies xxx

Anything/Anywhere in Paris really IS always a good idea  ~  and on that note ... happy Wednesday x


... all images via   Pinterest

~  fashion and French locations providing inspiration  ~

Sunday, July 14, 2013

my new mosaic items coming out of my studio

... sometimes I feel like I have 'artist's block' ... you know ... like 'writer's block'? ... well, finally I finished some signs, pendants and new items - keyrings and a mosaic heart.  Feels good to be creating again.  ~  Happy Sunday  ~

mosaic signs


gorgeous mosaic heart

more pendants !

new item - mosaic keyrings

~  woo hoo ... back to the studio for me !  ~
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