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Saturday, December 28, 2013

notecards - ON sale NOW !!

pop into my Etsy store until 31 December and SAVE 30% off ALL notecards and tags !!!!

Use coupon code:  CARDS30 to get the discount!!

here's just a FEW of the cards I have available...

~ see you soon ~

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Custom Photo Frame - Christmas Gift

~  finally I can do a post on my Custom Photo frame !!!  I was so happy with how it turned out but didn't want to spoil the surprise ... JUST in case 'Charli' happened to see it by accident somewhere out here in Cyberspace ...

Custom frames and signs are do-able - just need about 2 months advance notice as my word tiles come from overseas ...  These were made for me by the wonderful Mary from Popogirl on Etsy.  She's done loads of work for me in the past and is great to deal with - thanks Mary !!!!

The other thing to remember is I only have limited tile sets, so all my pieces are OOAK {one of a kind} and can't be replicated... once the tiles are used, that's it - very rarely have the same tiles over again.  I can easily send pics of tiles I have if you are into 'blues, oranges, pinks etc...'

This one was $100 AUD plus shipping.  Costs would vary on the number of word tiles your require.  All enquiries welcome ... other ideas ... Happy Anniversary ... Happy Birthday ... Welcoming a new baby !  endless possibilities ...  I have smaller size frames too !

you like ???


~  be inspired ~

Monday, December 23, 2013

custom pieces - cane knife and saw

... so for Christmas this year I was asked by mum to 'make' something for my brothers on these old 'tools' ...  boy I hope they like them !!! 

It was fun transforming them so it's great to see how you can give anything a second life...

Merry Christmas !!!

... the saw ...

close up !

the saw and the cane knife get a new life !

love the way these bolts came up !!!

cane knife now featuring a bull ... some sugar cane and music notes !

he likes cattle ...

... music {music notes on the green ivy tiles}

... and grows sugar cane

~ happy Christmas ~

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

~ holiday drinkies ~

... Pinterest has some fabulous recipies ... here's a perfect one for the Christmas season ...

find the recipe here !

~  enjoy ~

Friday, December 13, 2013

Umbrella Members Exhibition 2013

... It comes around quickly when you're busy ... I finally got my entry ready for this years Members Exhibition at the Umbrella STudio in Townsville and inbetween swimming lessons, doctors, dentists and Christmas Shopping managed to zip in for a look with my sister and then enjoyed a coffee afterwards...

enjoy the exhibition!

... YOURS truly !!!

~  wonderful exhibition - thank you Umbrella ~

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