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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A thing for ... gates...

I wonder what it is that makes us interested in something?   For some unknown reason, gates are just one thing I've always been partial to.     Yep... gates.  Mostly intricate gates with lovely swirls, filigree and anything unusual.

I remember the gate we had where I grew up.  It had lovely, swirly ironwork at the top and a little mechanism, which you pushed first, then pushed on the gate to get in.  I thought this was a fairly simple feature, but for some reason it used to confuse most visitors and they would take forever to work it out.

Finally after getting inside, they would bend over to pick up a shiny 2c coin (showing my age now) which my brother had glued to our front path.  A bit of harmless fun which my siblings and I always got a chuckle out of ...  small things ...

Anyway, I've been looking around and found some gates that I like. 

Personally I think it's healthy to be obsessed about something - it gives you passion in life and keeps you interesting.

Anyone for gates?  If not ... tell me what you 'have a thing for'...  I'd love to know :-)








... find something beautiful every day ...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

~ Lovely Store Owners ~ Favourites ~ Inspiration ~

Today I wanted to share with you (in no particular order) some of my favourite Etsy Store owners and Favourites.

They all create inspiration and motivation for me to continue with what I'm doing.

Enjoy ...

Paris Fleurs Flower Shop - shellsherree

Vintage Paper from France - Victor Hugo - cathymichaelsdesign

Wine Glass Markers or Charms - OOAK - Maddo

Help Japan cotton reels - 8 x 8 print - LolasRoom

Going to a Garden Party - 110 Designer Mosaic Tile Set - MosaicTileBuffet

37 Yards of Antique Vintage Sea Foam Green Floral Print 1930's or 1940's - VintageVancouver

Summer Glow Lavendar Freshwater Pearl Necklace and Earrings - RedGum Jewellery

Vintage Elegant Victorian Style Key Hole Escutcheon with drawer pull handles - Alchemyshop

Mini Camille doll in her little house - LovelySweetWilliam

couldn't resist ... early birthday pressie for yours truly  ... - secretcheif

Find something beautiful every day ...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Claire Coles ~ Inspiration ~

Sometime in September 2010 I started making collages.  

I've always had a thing for collecting all kinds of images, text, unusual papers, and basically odds and ends.  The collages were the first thing I started experimenting with to get my 'creative juices' flowing.  (It had been years since I had done anything artistic).

It's a really exciting process, where you start with a piece of something - usually a favourite - and build the rest of the work around it...

I thought - hmmm I like sewing as well ~ why don't I stitch a bit of pretty thread onto the cardboard around the images - I'm sure no-one's thought of that!  How wrong could I be ...?

Turns out ... completely wrong ...  

Not long after I finished my collage, I was cruising around on the internet one night and I stumbled across an artist named Claire Coles from the UK.  I think my mouth literally dropped open. 

Claire Coles creates bespoke wallpapers.  

From the little research I've done it appears that she stitches different kinds of vintage wallpapers together to create probably the most 'take my breath away', amazing wallpapers I've ever seen. 

I've never seen anything quite like her work before.  Suddenly I want to wallpaper our house!  Well, maybe my studio???  Imagine if her work was on your walls ~ what a beautiful life!

As well as wallpaper, I've discovered she also creates original artwork, cards, brooches, coffee mugs, wedding invitations and the list goes on.

(I apologize in advance for the messy look created by the first few pictures overlapping into my gadgets in the margin, but I couldn't bear to have these images published any smaller!)

Here are just some of Claire's exquisite pieces I wanted to share with you.    Sigh...

This... is my fave !!!


... and I love this too!






Images - Claire Coles

 Amazing - weren't they?   So glad you popped in :-)

 Find something beautiful every day ...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Scorching Saturday

Well ... I don't know what the weather was doing at your place today, but it was extremely hot here...

Here's a few scorching finds.

Fine Art Sundance Giclee Energy Print Abstract - Maureen Campbell Art

Vintage Set of 2 Anchor Hocking Yellow Soup Bowls - Macho Machismo

25 Sunflowers in the Sun Hand Dyed Medium to Large Buttons - mariiam

BZ Collection Earrings - The Peach Tree

Sunflower Natural Stone Travertine Tile Drink Coasters - whimsycreationbyann

Recycled sari silk neckpiece another wild rose at sunset - plumfish

Sun Star - FrenchCurves

Let the Sunshine In - 8 x 8 Fine Art Print by Sara Norris Photography  - saranorris

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)

Thursday, March 17, 2011


Hello current and new followers!!!  Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

So glad to see you all here...    O_O

Finally my facebook page * dkshopgirl * hit over 100 likers so I've decided to do a giveaway!

I'd like to offer a $20 gift voucher from my ETSY store!  Yay!  (that's what I'm hearing right???)

You need to be a follower of my blog, then make any kind of comment you like at the end of this post - eg. what you like to wear, listen to, a joke, favourite colour - Anything!  When the lucky winner uses their voucher - please do the transaction on my Etsy store and I can make up a special listing for you.

Winner will be announced on facebook and my blog on Saturday 9th April.

Good luck everyone :-)

20 of these babies!  

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Hump Day ...

So... I'm not sure if everyone is au fait with 'Hump Day' so I better clear it up... Wednesday is the 'middle' of my week ~ so I consider myself to be  'over the hump'!

I'm sure that's what everyone was thinking ... hmmm???  Well, I got your attention anyway ;-)

I am always 'browsing' online and of course there's nowhere better than Etsy to do that... Here are a few of my latest gorgeous finds!

I think you will be captivated ... yes???

City Lamp by Umbu

Tea Time with macaroons by lucileskitchen

Mrs Gotrocks by curioush

Vintage 1950's Margaret Smith Spring Flowers Tote by Small Earth Vintage

Vintage Lab Beaker Bud Vase by Shaving Kit Supplies

Vintage Chanel Poster Charm Necklace by the Charm Farm Shop

~ Find something beautiful every day ~

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