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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Claire Coles ~ Inspiration ~

Sometime in September 2010 I started making collages.  

I've always had a thing for collecting all kinds of images, text, unusual papers, and basically odds and ends.  The collages were the first thing I started experimenting with to get my 'creative juices' flowing.  (It had been years since I had done anything artistic).

It's a really exciting process, where you start with a piece of something - usually a favourite - and build the rest of the work around it...

I thought - hmmm I like sewing as well ~ why don't I stitch a bit of pretty thread onto the cardboard around the images - I'm sure no-one's thought of that!  How wrong could I be ...?

Turns out ... completely wrong ...  

Not long after I finished my collage, I was cruising around on the internet one night and I stumbled across an artist named Claire Coles from the UK.  I think my mouth literally dropped open. 

Claire Coles creates bespoke wallpapers.  

From the little research I've done it appears that she stitches different kinds of vintage wallpapers together to create probably the most 'take my breath away', amazing wallpapers I've ever seen. 

I've never seen anything quite like her work before.  Suddenly I want to wallpaper our house!  Well, maybe my studio???  Imagine if her work was on your walls ~ what a beautiful life!

As well as wallpaper, I've discovered she also creates original artwork, cards, brooches, coffee mugs, wedding invitations and the list goes on.

(I apologize in advance for the messy look created by the first few pictures overlapping into my gadgets in the margin, but I couldn't bear to have these images published any smaller!)

Here are just some of Claire's exquisite pieces I wanted to share with you.    Sigh...

This... is my fave !!!


... and I love this too!






Images - Claire Coles

 Amazing - weren't they?   So glad you popped in :-)

 Find something beautiful every day ...
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