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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Hello current and new followers!!!  Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

So glad to see you all here...    O_O

Finally my facebook page * dkshopgirl * hit over 100 likers so I've decided to do a giveaway!

I'd like to offer a $20 gift voucher from my ETSY store!  Yay!  (that's what I'm hearing right???)

You need to be a follower of my blog, then make any kind of comment you like at the end of this post - eg. what you like to wear, listen to, a joke, favourite colour - Anything!  When the lucky winner uses their voucher - please do the transaction on my Etsy store and I can make up a special listing for you.

Winner will be announced on facebook and my blog on Saturday 9th April.

Good luck everyone :-)

20 of these babies!  

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