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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Hump Day ...

So... I'm not sure if everyone is au fait with 'Hump Day' so I better clear it up... Wednesday is the 'middle' of my week ~ so I consider myself to be  'over the hump'!

I'm sure that's what everyone was thinking ... hmmm???  Well, I got your attention anyway ;-)

I am always 'browsing' online and of course there's nowhere better than Etsy to do that... Here are a few of my latest gorgeous finds!

I think you will be captivated ... yes???

City Lamp by Umbu

Tea Time with macaroons by lucileskitchen

Mrs Gotrocks by curioush

Vintage 1950's Margaret Smith Spring Flowers Tote by Small Earth Vintage

Vintage Lab Beaker Bud Vase by Shaving Kit Supplies

Vintage Chanel Poster Charm Necklace by the Charm Farm Shop

~ Find something beautiful every day ~

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