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Friday, May 22, 2015

Anneke Silver Exhibition in Cloncurry

After a big week with the kids in Mt Isa ( Naplan Tests, Activity Days and Sports Day at Mt Isa School of the Air) - I got a break on Friday when hubby turned up and took the kids home after sports day!  Wahoo! ... That meant I was able to do my grocery shopping in peace,  and enjoy dinner with a fellow artist friend.

Driving back home on Saturday, I stopped in Cloncurry for smoko (morning tea) and couldn't believe my luck...  The Library was open and was showing Anneke Silver's latest  Exhibition!

Anneke was my Art History teacher many years ago (when I started my Diploma of Art... which turned into a Bachelor of Visual Art - but that's another story)  Her work is amazing.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did ...

(ps. my apologies for the amateur photography - it's not my forte ...)

Exhibition Title:

OUR LAND :  Gorges, Rocks and Iconic Stories

Currently Showing at Bob McDonald Library -  Dr. Harvey Sutton Gallery - Cloncurry
April - May 2015











If you would like to purchase any of Anneke's work contact her here - 0417 673 755

Website - Anneke Silver

~  Fabulous Friday ~

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Coffee Shop with a difference ...

.... don't you just LOVE it when you're cruising around on Pinterest and find cool stuff like this ???

Guess where this is ..


This might help ...

OMG !  Yes, it's a coffee shop in South Korea !!

... and the family that own/run it live right next door !!!

how cool is that ???

~  we live in a pretty amazing world ~

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