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Sunday, May 3, 2015

MKR ... my latest addiction

... usually after dinner I clean up and head to the office or studio .. BUT ... this year we've all been totally addicted to watching MKR {my Kitchen Rules} and it's all because of Jac and Shaz - 2 ladies from Mt Isa!!   Mt Isa is only about 5 hours from us and even though I don't know Jac and Shaz ... they come across on TV as being fabulously funny, down to earth and of course awesome cooks.

We're so excited ... tonight they won the 'cook off' against Eva and Debra - another lovely couple of girls from Western Australia, so that means tomorrow night is GRAND FINAL night !!

Woohoo ... we can't wait to see if the girls can do it .... come on Jac and Shaz !

our favourite girls on MKR !! Jac and Shaz ♥

The original group we started watching ...

... then another group came along ...

...and another !  

... and now after MANY nights of watching these teams cook up amazing meals ... deliver nice as well as nasty comments to each other and  hearing tough as well as fabulous critiques from the judges, tonight Jac and Shaz beat Eva and Debra  so now they're into the GRAND FINALS tomorrow night !!!

... will they be able to beat 'The Boys' ???  Will and Steve ????

Hope so  ...  go Jac and Shaz !!!

... all images via Google Images

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