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Saturday, May 21, 2011

~ Karen Price - Jewellery Creations ~

I was lucky enough to exhibit my goodies the other day in Mt Isa at our school seminar and was in very good company.  We've found there are some mums who love to craft in their 'spare' time (of which there is little out here) and are very good at it.

As long as I've known Karen Price (of Mimong Station, Julia Creek), she has been making lovely jewellery.  Her pieces vary from being pretty bracelets to bold and statement pieces.  She sells her jewellery through various stores and her pieces are very popular at Western Race meetings as well as with the mums at school.

Enjoy browsing through her pieces and if you'd like to contact Karen, please let me know and I can pass on her details for you .

Rose bracelet

Pink and lime button necklace

Freshwater pearls with shilling and silver beads

Jelly Beads Necklace

Black and white button necklace

Keishi freshwater with shilling and heart

Lime foils with white pearls

Multi-coloured button necklace

Multi-coloured double strand freshwater

Triple strand freshwater - pink, yellow, lime and clear quartz

Karen's new creation

~  find something beautiful every day ~
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