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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Regular Show ... anything but ...

Ok, so I NEVER sit down and watch cartoons with the kids ... I walk past the TV all day picking up/cleaning up/going somewhere to do a job and see crazy cartoon shows going and think how silly they look.  Gone are the days of 'cute cartoons {I'm thinking Walt Disney days} and the characters now have few manners and 'attitude' which drives me to distraction.

Last week when we were away for our daughter's graduation from School of the Air, I found myself with half an hour to kill before we had to be at the school...  The kids had the TV on in our cabin and The Regular Show was on.

Ok, I can do this ... I sat there and watched it with them.  The Episode was called Limousine Lunchtime and the little Racoon and Blue Jay seemed to be getting themselves into deeper and deeper trouble with a limousine they were supposed to be cleaning.  I'm not sure whether it was because I was tired or just because it was so predictable, but I laughed and laughed at those crazy little animals as they got themselves into a 'gladiator style' fight with other Limousines.

Little Rigby {the Racoon} and Mordecai {blue jay}  {and I purposely keep prounouncing their names wrong to annoy the kids} got themselves out of their pickle and managed to bring home a new Limousine which then was discarded again anyway {much to their horror}.  

I haven't taken up watching 'The Regular Show' all the time, but it was actually nice to sit with the kids and I think they actually liked that I was laughing so much at these crazy cartoon characters they like so much.

Funny how satisfying sharing a moment like that can be.  A good reminder for me to even just spend a little time with them, before they grow up and leave home.

~  happy days ~
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