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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Hot days make me grateful for our plentiful water

It's summer here .. bigtime!
The weather has been hitting 40 degrees and over every day this week ... yuck.  So ... when I can I'm doing officework in the air conditioning... homeschooling in the air conditioning ... or gardening in a VERY shady place.

This week we had to go into Julia Creek on Wednesday for an Activity Day and Bravehearts workshop and it hit 45 degrees... wow ... it was like walking around in an oven all day.

I've never been more thankful for having such a wonderful water supply at home as we do and as you can see it certainly looks cooler when you use the water to keep your garden going!

Our daily northern view {including the flying fox the kids play on}

southern view {nice dead tree huh?}

south west view {with the good old 'Hills Hoist}

northern view {old tennis court which is hard to see among the trees}

north western view

... and our 'no maintenance' pool ... which the kids love ... {me too}

and for some fun ... here's Tango playing in my old 'Louis Vuitton' knock off bag

awww... 'doggie bag' ... who couldn't love that face ???  gorgeous Tango - we love him! xxx

~ being grateful for the little things ~
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