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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Raining at Bow Park

I haven't done a post in AGES - seem to be caught up with all the Christmas hub-ub ... but today was a good day ... no a GREAT day !!  We had some amazing rain at the house {on our cattle property} and we can't stop smiling!  Hope there's much more to come.  What an amazing Christmas present for us...

pouring !!!

kids loving it

more fun than anything


flooding out of the downpipes

shooting off the roof


... and after the storm ... happy weaners 

love that grey sky

crisp and clean air 

i won't have to water the garden tomorrow !!!

poor Blackberry was terrified of all the thunder ... she stayed VERY close to the house ...

small portion of the storm ... you'll just have to excuse the complaint about a particular gutter that must be filled with leaves ... oops ... 

~  wahoooooo  ... loving the rain ~
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