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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Finds and Favourites

~  lovely things  ~ 

Art Candy ...  I Heart Paris ...  Poker Chip Embellishments ... Hand Stamped - thisgoodday

Craft Paper for Artists - Hand dyed silk paper for mixed media and collage - spun pale pink - Sesenarts

Dancing Sybilline Cameo Pendant - Skyhawkdesigns

Vintage Shabby Wall Decor Trellis With Wee Bird Houses -  thisOtherthing

Caragh11 Magnetic Interchangeable Locket Set - Adventure by Polarity - polarity

Antique SE Prussia porcelain salt and pepper shaker set - 5gardenias

4 Vintage Rose Tags with German Glass/Glitter - oversized - creationsbyminda


Bubbly Cream Handknitted Scarf/Shawl - SallyAnnaScarves


Ball Perfect Mason Quart Jar with lid - OldCoot

~  find something beautiful every day  ~
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