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Friday, December 30, 2011

child free days

so... I've been INCREDIBLY lucky this week ... my brother and sister-in-law have begged? us to have the kids for a sleepover...

pinch me...  i'm dreaming...  I've been away from the kids about 1 night in 10 years - so it's been weird, but I'm enjoying the peace and quiet.

they'll be back tomorrow, so i've been busy in my studio and down at the sewing table ...  wahoo!!!

this is where the action takes place ... my favourite 2nd hand elna sewing machine - just like my mums (so i know how to use it)

my selection of new iphone pouches ... soon to be listed on Etsy

and these little darlings are canvas tiles ... people use them to make jewellery (necklaces), add to journals, include in artwork, just let your imagination go...  also to be listed soon on Etsy...

~  make hay while the sun shines  ~

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