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Thursday, September 27, 2012

Stephen Malone Photography

... as most of you know, we live on a cattle property in a fairly remote part of Australia ...  we're too far from town to be popping in to grab milk and bread, so some of the most important people in our lives are the owners of Godiers - one of the local grocery stores in Julia Creek ...

Stephen and Linda Malone run a thriving business with fabulous,friendly service.  Our weekly grocery orders always arrive wonderfully packaged and right to our door - i email the my list and presto, our mailman drives it out here twice a week for us (along with our mail and any other goodies from the stores in town).

... what i've discovered recently is that Stephen Malone also moonlights as a photographer.  It's so great to discover talent anywhere but exciting when you find it in your own backyard, so today I wanted to show you some of his work...

enjoy ...



wildlife - the Julia Creek Dunnart


events - Julia Creek Dirt and Dust Triathlon

Stephen Malone Photography

~ talent in the outback  - alive and well ~

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