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Friday, February 22, 2013

Susana Ferrand - Tenderblue - my featured artist

Susana first popped into my life via Etsy ... I found her beautiful baby clothes online and have admired her work ever since ... I'm so happy she has agreed to let me blog about her tonight!


enjoy ...

I´m from Portugal, I live in Matosinhos (Porto), right in front of the beach, with my two sons. Portugal is going through a hard time and my husband had to go work in Ghana. 
My work is being a mom and Tenderblue.   After I finished school, I went to a fashion design course in Porto and I specialized in knitwear. I've always been known for my knitted sweaters, first for adults and when I became a mom I fell in love with baby clothes. 

I'm mother, wife ( a Skype wife ), woman. I love to create, love the sun, the beach, music, good food, I love life. My house is in front of the beach, my sons play guitar, bass, piano and sing, I love to cook. I'm happy and I work because I like it, and I love what I do.

all items are available now at Susana's online store - Tenderblue

My style is modern but with a touch of the days of old. I love blogs and blogging. My head is always full of new ideas but the time... you know: "So many ideas so little time"
I try to transmit tenderness in all I do, originality, quality and comfort are very important too. I love the feedback of my clients and I feel very happy when they send me photos. All of my creations are made you much love.

~  find all these beautiful items here ...
Susana's Etsy Store  ~

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... happy shopping :-)

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