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Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Boss ... Mr Bruce Springsteen

Tonight we just finished watching 60 minutes and there was a segment on Bruce Springsteen ... (yes girls, time to  pause for a ... sigh ...)   Wow ... at 64 he's still fantastic and comes across as a very real person despite all his fame.   I was having wonderful nostalgic flashbacks to the '80's when we used to bop all over the place to 'Born in the USA' and 'Dancing in the Dark'.

I just love watching interviews with people like that - amazing artists ...from humble beginnings and has stayed with his craft all these years just getting better and better.  Great to see you Bruce and still loving your music.  xx

... now to dig out his CD and work out how to get it onto my ipod... hmmm

 Bruce Springsteen - still fantastic at 64

hello ...


got it ...

all wished we were Courtney Cox ...
~ great artists ~
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