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Friday, November 8, 2013

Drought - 2013

What you know about me is that I LOVE mosaics ... art ... and everything shabby chic ...   It's my escape from homeschooling, officework, housework, garden and the sometimes difficult times we face as graziers.

What a lot of you might not know is that I live on a remote cattle property in Australia and this year a very large number of graziers (cattle ranchers if you are American) are dealing with an extremely difficult drought. 

Lindy Hick has put together this utube video and it is so touching ... I wanted to share it on here in the hope that people will see not only what difficulties graziers face, but also what strength of character they have to keep looking on the positive side.

Click on the caption and it will take you to Lindy's video.  {Thank you to Jenny Underwood for sharing with me on Facebook}

We can't wait for rain ...

2013 Drought

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