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Sunday, June 29, 2014

cold snap ...

Wahoo !  it's school holidays ... {finally} and so I'm looking forward to 2 weeks off homeschooling ... catching up with 2 sets of visitors ... as well as getting my office work up to date and some ART done over my holidays.

It's a bit nippy here at the moment {by my standards} only 13 degrees ... so my fingers are going slower than usual ... 

Here's a bit of what I've been making.  If anything catches your eye, just give me a yell !  ♥  deborah@rgkeats.com   or visit my Etsy store ...

decorated wooden words

fabric embellishments

wooden words

wooden letters

fabric embellishments

and again ...

slim-line clutch

mosaic rings


mosaic pendants

more wooden letters ... i'm a bit obsessed at the moment ...

another slim-line clutch

and soon to come ... pillow cases !!

~  enjoy your week ~

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