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Friday, September 5, 2014

cooking ... it's never too late ... trust me ...

... for anyone who really knows me ... cooking is not my 'longsuit' ... What's a bit weird is that I actually love WATCHING cooking shows ... Nigella, Jamie Oliver, you name it and I'll watch them cook up a storm AND one of my fave movies is Julie and Juila !  but when it comes to ME being the one ... I'm not so confident.

i spent most of my youth living on vegetables and tins of tuna, or 2 minute noodles with tuna which seemed like a good idea at the time {and I have to admit, on the RARE occasion I find myself alone for a night I'm still happy to settle for a plate of vegies}.

Fast forward to my 30's when I got married and then proceeded to have a family.  Uh oh ... time to grow up and  learn to cook for real !!!   eek!  I found my husband was very supportive {basically he had to be if he wanted me to cook up meat and veg most nights} and taught me how to make most of the meals I cook these days...  Roasts, spaghetti bolognaise, rissoles, stir frys ... So for anyone out there who thinks it's too late to learn ... trust me - it's not ...  You just need a few basic recipes to get you going, then you're fine and if I can cook a meal for 6 people, then it's going to be a breeze for the rest the planet.

rissoles and gravy - a family favourite ...

good old spaghetti bol - also a fave ... and actually sooooo easy !

Tonight we had fish - basic - floured and fried with butter ... mmm- not something we have a lot of  since we live on a CATTLE property, but it's a real treat when we do! 

bon appetit !
~ NEVER too late ~

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