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Monday, June 29, 2015

dkshopgirl ... featured online and on radio ... wow

On rare occasions it really feels like the planets are aligned and EVERYTHING seems to be going right ... {and I mean RARE occasions ...}

It's been a pretty exciting month ... firstly I've opened a new online store on the crafting website Zibbet and was their FEATURED SELLER !!!!   eek ! MEGA exciting and fabulous exposure for my store ...

Thank you Jonathon Peacock ... {CEO Zibbet} for noticing my work  and giving me this amazing opportunity!

eek ... that's ME at the bottom of the Zibbet Front Page !!

THEN  ... I got an email from a reporter at ABC Radio asking if I would do an interview about my mosaics ...  I think I was in shock for the first hour after I read that!  I'm getting better at marketing myself online, but talking about myself ON AIR ???  gee ... I just really didn't know if I could do that...

About 2 weeks later, after I had spoken to my mum, sister and a couple of other close friends, I decided to take the plunge and do the interview ...

click to hear my interview

Hearing the sound of your own voice is strange at the best of times, but to hear it on the radio was completely bizarre ...   On the bright side, my husband, family and friends have been very supportive about how it went, so I feel glad that I took the opportunity to give my work a bit of exposure.  

While my business is definitely still 'micro' I feel like this might have been another small step to gaining a bit more recognition.  Who KNOWS where I'll pop up one day !

the Guggenheim - NYC .. yes as you can see I'm dreaming BIG ... 

So as a word of encouragement to anyone out there who is given an opportunity like this ... TAKE IT !!!  The world needs more creative souls and who doesn't LOVE hearing art stories?

~  Art = Happiness~

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