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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Paper Towns ... my movie review

Now being a mum, the majority of movies I've seen over the last 12 years have been animated.  Yes, I do love animated movies - Nemo... Toy Story ... and what about Ratatouille ... {we use words like 'lightningy' in our house now after watching Ratatouille -  thank you Remy ♥ }


... but it was almost a 'coming of age' for myself AND our oldest daughter the other day when we went to see a REAL people movie for her birthday !  It was a toss up between Paper Towns and Minions ... and since she's 13 now I thought we'd risk seeing the 'grown up ' movie session...

starring Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff
A tiny bit of swearing here and there ... some sexual references and suddenly I was thinking I should have gone the Minions choice !!!  but as the movie progressed it was ok and I calmed down.  Savvy, beautiful and cool Margot talks Quentin - her long time neighbour {who has secretly idolised her since she moved in} into helping her 'right a few wrongs' one night ...

Quentin believes this is the beginning of a relationship for him and Margot, but after she disappears, he spends the rest of the movie looking for her ... with the help of his goofy and hilarious friends.

Their road-trip takes them to Agloe - a Paper Town but Quentin is crestfallen when Margot isn't there waiting for him.  {I confess I was curious myself to find out what a paper town really is and if they exist ... }

click here to find the even more curious mystery about the town of Agloe
Quentin's friends drive home and he eventually finds Margot, but the outcome is bittersweet.  I thought it was a beautifully told story about teenage love, growing up and coming of age all rolled into one.  The perfect choice for our 13 year old and an easy watch all 'round.  I also enjoyed it because this quote in the movie said it all ... 

Spot on ... who hasn't built someone up into something more spectacular than they really are???  I think we're all guilty of that ...

It was a great line in the movie and a good reminder that no one person has all the answers or gets it right every time.

Quentin lets go of his dream and realises what's really important to him in the end - spending the last of his high school days with his good friends and holding onto things that are real.

Grab a ticket, or rent the movie ... you'll love it.

~  art imitates life ~

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