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Sunday, January 22, 2012

creative sunday with wild weather

Wow - as I type, it is absolutely 'lashing down' outside and blowing a gayle!  It's been sooo hot all day and we had a storm last night too, so looks like our wet season has finally arrived...

That's good news for us graziers (beef cattle producers)... rain = green grass = well fed cattle = a somewhat less stressful time for the season.

So,  that's probably enough about the weather for you ...  Have a look at what I made today ~ I fell in love with this Michael Miller Fabric and have called my new clutch - Helene...  (love to give them French names)

you like???

click here to see more pics in my Etsy store

i know this looks like Paris, but it's raining as heavy as this right here at Bow Park!

~  a change in the weather is a good thing  ~

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