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Friday, March 16, 2012

lilly pulitzer

.. now for most who know me... due to my location and having 4 small children ... i have become quite the 'ebay queen' since i've lived here...  getting to stores is just a non-event.

a long while ago, i snapped up a shift dress by Lilly Pulitzer ...   it's just the most gorgeous summer item i have in my wardrobe.  easy to wear, bright, pretty and I always get compliments whenever i wear it!

i've done a tiny bit of research and it would seem that Ms Pulitzer lived in Palm Beach with her then husband where she ran an orange juice stand for something to do.  the juice was making a hell of a mess of her clothes, so she made some shift dresses in pretty fabric to hide the stains. 

she made extra dresses to sell at her juice stand and in no time she was selling more dresses than juice  ... and as they say ~ the rest is history...  

love those kind of stories - what an inspiration!

school friend Jackie O wore Lilly's dresses

fabulous palm beach digital image

gorgeous fabric

Ms Pulitzer

~ fabulous Lilly Pulitzer ~

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