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Friday, April 13, 2012

black friday

... so after an 8 (almost 9) hour drive, i finally arrived home today.  i received a lovely welcoming - the kids were all sitting on our fence madly waving as i drove in - and little Disco also rushed out to jump all over me as well.  (Disco is our Jack Russel).

i only realised at lunch time that it was Black Friday and while i'm not really superstitious, i was secretly glad that I didn't have any flat tyres to deal with on the last part of my drive.  From the tiny town of Nelia, it's another 2 hours of almost all dirt road with sharp pieces of white gravel to our house, so it's always a concern...  whew...

hope you all had a fab FriDAy   xx

images via Pinterest

~ home sweet home ~

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