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Thursday, May 24, 2012

1 year of blogging in the Australian Bush ...

WOW ... i just realised tonight that it's been a YEAR that i've been blogging and have had 5598 visitors to my blog!  (well that's what the Clustrmaps says...)

 that's such a wonderful feeling!!! thank you to all who have ever visited ... left comments ... or even dropped in by accident! 

I was told blogging would be great for my Etsy and Madeit Stores, but I have to say most of the time, I just love to blog about other people, artists, ideas, pictures and places and then think ... oh yeah... put some of my stuff on here again!

I live in a very remote part of Australia with my fab husband and 4 children ... homeschool (with the help of a wonderful girl) ... do officework for our cattle business ... cook ... clean ... garden ... and love to make mosaics and shabby chic things in my spare time at night or weekends for relaxation (and sanity)!   Living where we do has it's challenges, but I've come to learn that if you're with people you love, it doesn't matter where you live and you just make things work the best you can.

I've also come to know a lot of wonderful people online through facebook, blogging, Etsy, not to mention my beloved Dust team and while I don't get to read everyone's blog as often as I'd like, I do get inspired from you all as well. 

Here's to another fun year of blogging, creating and connecting with you all xxx

our back yard

part of my garden that FOREVER needs weeding!

... home, where the heart is ...

... our beefmasters - sooo cute ...

... our full-on 'much loved' bunch ...

~ bloom where you're planted ~

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