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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Christopher Patrick Ernst ... Landscape Wallpapers ...

Yet another fabulous discovery girls and boys ...  while flicking through one of the latest fashion mags at my hairdressers recently I came across this cool artist and his Wallpaper range... LOVE it!
Found in business and public interiors, these large scale, scenic and often vivid wallpapers create an awkward but profound contrast against what is in front of them, usually furniture and appliances that are commonly seen in cafes, waiting rooms, laundromats and diners. The quiet images really bring out the juxtaposition, but what you make of it, according to Ernst, is all up to you:
This group of images are selections from a body of work that spans the past year and a half. I set my focus on the interiors of businesses and public spaces that featured a specific type of mural wallpaper. My goal was to simply show these surreal interiors exactly how they exist, without judgement or comment.

~ inspirational landscapes in everyday life ~

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