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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Houses ... Books ... Drawings and Coincidences ...

a LONG time ago, i borrowed a book from the Townsville Library called 'Not to be Trusted'.  It was a lovely book showcasing all the pencil drawings of Heritage houses in Brisbane by Anne Green and poems by Jack Murphy.

It inspired me to do two drawings of my own - one which was lost to an ex boyfriend ... (he better be looking after it!) and I kept the other myself.  It remains in the kitchen where I look at it daily and can't believe how patient I can be sometimes!  I also did a series of houses when I was doing Etching at Uni many years later.

my farm house pencil drawing

Queenslander (particular kind of house in Australia) on a sugar cane farm and the Sunlander going past (passenger train which travels up the east coast)

close up !

one of my etchings ... available on Etsy

Well, as luck would have it, the book seemed to have disappeared from the library and so I thought it was lost forever ... UNTIL ... a few years ago on a holiday in Atherton and I was scouring through an Antique store, and BINGO !! I spotted the book - in pristine condition!  What a fabulous moment!
(more of Anne's lovely drawings)

I was just looking through it the other night thinking how much I still love drawing houses and so am keeping it handy for that 'break' in the traffic ....

~  and here's some more of Anne's lovely work ...

~ exciting finds ~

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