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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Featured Etsy Store ... Tams Geminarium

 A little while ago a lovely girl called Tam featured me in one of her treasuries.  Tam and her partner Vlada are relatively new sellers on Etsy.  From our many convo's I was struck by her wonderful enthusiasm and was inspired to show you their wonderful work while they tell their story.

Compelling passion for revealing magic of lost & forgotten gems is what created and perpetually creates Tam's Geminarium ...

Tam's Geminarium~Vllati came about as fruit of our irresistible need & desire to create! When I say 'our' I mean my boyfriend and love of my life Vlada's and my own.   My name is Tamara, I'm from Serbia where we still live now, and I'm (almost ') 29.. Vlada is a brilliant mathematician, who works at school in the mornings and turns to artistic creative magician in the afternoons!

My socially imposed & non-practicing vocation is kindergarten teacher & English teacher in kindergarten.. But for as long as I can remember, I've been drawn to lost, discarded & forgotten things that always lit creative spark in me & made me want to reveal their true soul to the rest of the world!   So, very early on I knew that this passion was my true calling, and when I met Vlada 6 years ago it was instantly crystal clear that we share & will always nurture this same instinctive 'creative bug' and we'll make it grow together!

When this compelling drive for seizing timeless beauty & grace in physical, wearable or usable form came to a boiling point- Tam's Geminarium~Vllati as real, visible home for our designs was born!
Together, we make versatile precious jewelry- which is my first love of craft & design, and various fine objects of use such as bags, journals, jewelry & decorative boxes, cases, cards, lamps..& 'pool' of our creations expands as our interests restlessly wonder!

 All of our pieces are made by hand (at least 97%), always using precious & finest natural materials, upcycled finds & secret ingredient of hopeless love for what we do!  Everything that comes out of Tam's Geminarium~Vllati workshop is envisioned as unique & one-of-a-kind expression of 'little stories' we want to tell through our creations. And all our works are made to be used and cherished by their owners & be their faithful companions!

My most fervent dream is to turn Tam's Geminarium & our creative work into our livelihood, because I deeply feel this consuming passion is what I was made for and is my true purpose in this life...besides love of course.

We'll keep on working on it & our journey towards this goal will flourish from each bead of your support!

Thank you.

All items shown are available in Tams Geminarium on Etsy.

~  Inspiring Artisans  ~

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